unit view in dhtmlxLayout

how can i set unit view in dhtmlxlayout, i now have:

instead of

but i dont know where i can set the unit view settings?

attachScheduler accepts two parameters - day and mode, so you can use

//create unit view before calling next line dhxLayout.cells("b").attachScheduler(null,"unit");

thnx, its working now
and how can i set the tabs in the top if im using dhtmlxLayout? (day/week/month)

As for now the only way - init scheduler in normal div and later use attachObject to attach the container div to the cell of layout

ok, i’ll give that a try, do expect this function available in the new version?

Most probably we will add a public var, which will contain html snippet of scheduler, so you will be able reset it , in the same manner as you can change an HTML in the scheduler’s div.

is this a public var available in the new version from yesterday?

Nope, it will be an update of the layout


it is Oct 2014 now, do you have something what you were saying in 2010 so that we can add unit tab dynamically in the layout and have the tab show in the nav bar too?

Yep, check the next link

docs.dhtmlx.com/api__dhtmlxcell_ … duler.html

You can configure nav buttons as part of attachScheduler call

Thanks, i will give it a try, i already did it the old way and put a hack using jquery where as soon the scheduler renders it fire the default/current tab click(un-noticeable) but that somehow makes the nav bar show the rest of the tabs properly.

Thanks again for your response.