Unit View orientation

Is there a way to change the orientation of the Unit view so that the units are on the yscale and the time on the xscale?

Check timeline view
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … r:timeline

I’m also interested in having the time axis horizontal, but the timeline demo does not allow the session length to be adjusted by dragging the end (only by bringing up the editor). Is this just a limitaion of the demo or is it not possible.
Additionally, when you drag the bar by clicking near its end, the bar immediately repositions itself so you are holding the start of the bar. Is this behaviour changable.

This is known limitations and we plan to remove both of them in the next version.

Thats great :sunglasses:
Are there any timescales for the next release?
Do you have a roadmap?

The timescale does not replicate the Units view in the Y scale orientation for the reason that you can not drag the start time and end times. Really need to know the expected next version release.

Also the issue of the item start_date jumping to your pointer when you click on it is a major issue. By clicking the task you have inadvertantly changed the start date and have no idea what it was previously.

Please let me know if there are plans to fix this behaviour in bug fix release prior to the next version

Are there any timescales for the next release?
March-April 2012