Units as default Day View


Is there a way to make the default Day View show the units view?

So when i’m in a month view or week view and I click on the day number/date for the day i want it to to take me to the units view for that day instead of the day view?



Hi @jwilliquor,
when the onEmptyClick fires, you can go to the Units view via setCurrentView method:

scheduler.setCurrentView(new Date(date), "unit");

Here is a related sample:


I already have other tasks assigned to empty click. I need it to goto the unit view when you click the day number that has the day view link behind it now.

Or the day name on the week view


Hi @jwilliquor,
unfortunately, there is no built-in method to set a new view by clicking on the element. You can try to get the DOM elements by querySelector and using setCurrentView method go to the Unit view.


Hi @jwilliquor,
Sorry, due to a misunderstanding, I gave you an incorrect answer. In order to go to the certain view by clicking the date please try to use active_link_view config. Please. attach the dhtmlxscheduler_active_links.js extension to your app:

Here is a related sample:


Hi @jwilliquor,
in addition, here is the sample of how to go to Units view by clicking the dates via active_link_view :