units in tree time line scheduler

HI sir,
Can anyone tell me how to add highlighted_sections_units in the tree timeline scheduler?
if i add highlighted_sections_units in the tree time line then its not work proper?
my code is this:
name: “unit”,
property: “section_id”,
list: [
{key:20, label:“name”, children: [
{key:30, label:“name-1”},
{key:40, label:“anme-2”}
{key:50, label:“roll-no”, children: [
{key:60, label:“roll-1”},
{key:70, label:“roll-2”}
{key:80, label:“phone-no”, children: [
{key:90, label:“phone-1”},
{key:100, label:“phone-2”}
{key:110, label:“Address”, children: [
{key:120, label:“Address-1”},
{key:130, label:“Address-2”}

i have for tab -unit,timeline,day and week.
if i click on tab unit then it show all the data in name column .all the values apprear only one column.and other three column are empty like-roll,address and phone.
after that if i click on time line then data in apprear only in the parent node like -student .and all other child node-name,roll ,phone and address are empty?
Is there any way to display unit view with tree time lines? can you provide the solution as soon as possible…

You have configured timeline to use property “section_id” for event separation, do each event has such property and it points to some section ?