Units View and mark_now


I just started implementing the Units view in our version of the scheduler. I’m having a problem though when the “mark_now” config is set to true.

I have scheduler 4.3, and I believe have updated all my files. Curiously though, when I was trying to recreate it on a simple demo with just the units view, I can’t replicate the issue. So, I guess there could be a problem with either my files or all the other things I’ve added onto my version of the scheduler.

What I’m trying to get from this post is maybe if you can point me to the general direction of what I should be looking for…?

There have been similar posts to what I’m posting now, but I can’t find a concrete answer. What should I look out for in trying to fix this? The variable “area” in the limit.js file seem to be “undefined” in the “scheduler._render_marked_timespan” function, inside the markTimespan part.

Looking at the error too, it somehow references timeline code, when I think it shouldn’t.

I can open a ticket, send you my files too if needed. I was just looking for a quick answer (if there is one), hoping that you’ve encountered this before.



Okay, so I was testing this further and I have more information. I was finally able to recreate it on a simple demo.

It seems like the error would show when I have I set the “size” property of the Units View to be less than the total number of sections. If I don’t specify the “size”, and have the view load all resources, the error doesn’t show.

I’ve attached a demo. Just load it, then click on “Today”. Check the console for the error I’m referring to. Just FYI, I was working on Safari, just in case that matters.

Thank you,

Complete Demo.zip (816 KB)

Any feedback on this?

sorry for the delay,
this bug may be fixed in one of the latest build. I’ve sent you the latest evaluation build, please check if the bug can be reproduced there

Thanks, I’ll check it later. Hopefully this update got fixed, and I’ll get back to you either way.

Thank you again.

Hi Aliksander,

It looks like the build you sent me fixed the issue we were originally having!

Thank you!