units view --> drag appointment between units

Hi all,
I have agenda in day view with multiple units and appointments shared between two units (A and B).
If I drag the appointment of unit A to start erlier or later the appointment of unit B change accordling. That’s ok.
But if I drag the appointment from unit A to unit C the control change the unit B to unit D. (if C is A-1 D is B-1).
Is this the correct behaviour ?
If yes, is it possible to change the unit A and leave unit B ?

Thanks for helping me.

Fabio Drago


It will be very helpful if you can create a demo where the problem can be reproduced. You can use dhtmlx snippet system for it --> docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/snippet/5f0bf083

Hi Polina,
you can reach the demo at this url: docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/snippet/74175ed3

If you try to reassign the appointment of [Operator 2] at 12.00 to [Operator 1] the corrisponding appointment of [Instrument 3] will be assigned to [Instrument 2].

Is it possible to change only [Operator 2] ?


It’s default behaviour for multisection events, you can check it in the sample:
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/sampl … ision.html
That way if you change one of multisection events, all of them will be changes accordingly. Possibly you can change this in dhtmlxscheduler_multisection.js extension, but currenlty I haven’t a ready solution how to achieve it.

If this is the default behaviour probably most of the user are fine with it.
Unfortunately we have a different needs. I will check if it’s possible to customize the js file.

Anyone else are in the same situation? Any workaround ?


Hi Pollina, I did it!
Looking the documentation to solve another issue I found this configuration property : scheduler.config.multisection_shift_all.
If I set it to false I can change only one unit at a time.


Good news!
And thank you for the comment) It can help you other users with the same question.