Hi, i want to use both these JS files Units_view and Recurring_events
.i am getting the Errors in error console .

The same combination of functionalities works correctly locally
If issue still occurs for you - can you provide any kind of sample or demo link where it can be reconstructed?

Yes, i am having two JS files dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js and dhtmlxscheduler.js .In these two JS files i am having my own custom fields .
1)------>in dhtmlxscheduler.js , my own custom fields are Description ,Location ,city .these fields will appear when i used dhtmlxscheduler_readonly.js

2)------>in dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js , my own custom fields along with Recurring events are placed these fields are appearing when i want to edit (at the that time i am commenting the dhtmlxscheduler_readonly.js)

3)------>here the issue is when i want to use dhtmlxscheduler_units.js in which JS file i need to edit
------------>finally i want to display both units and recurring will appear in lightbox

Normally you need not to edit anything in existing js file, you can place custom lightbox configuration directly on the html page

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … tails_form

yes, now i got it .
i have one problem while creating different recurring event in a same day . that all the events are collision with each other . i used the script dhtmlxscheduler_collision.js.
-----> here when i used this JS , i am able to create only two event in that day ,(i.e one Recurring event and another one is normal event ) apart from that no event is creating .