Unitsview re-order

is that possible to reorder the units view columns from database?
please check this post.v

Units should be rendered in the same order as they’ve been loaded into the view, so you can reorder them before passing them to view.AddOptions. Or do you want to reorder them dynamically on the client?

I have a seperate UI with backend table, i use “moveup” and “movedown” buttons with the resource names where i can reorder them .when i click Ok in the UI, i want the reordered resource names reflect on scheduler.

You can reload whole page with scheduler, or reload just array of options
On client side it can be done like

scheduler._props["units"].options = [ array with new options order ];

where “units” - name of unit view

If you are storing order on server side and are applying it during AddOptions call - reloading page with scheduler will work as well.

I use server side loading, i set the order number in server side,