Unknown Runtime Error

I’m evaluating dhtmlXGrid and everything seems to work great on FF but I’m getting “Unknown Runtime Error” on IE even with the simple HTML table below:

<table name=“mygrid2” class=“dhtmlxGrid” imgpath="<html:rewrite module="" page="/js/imgs"/>" style=“width:400px” lightnavigation=“false”>

Column 1

Column 2

value 11

value 12

value 21

value 22

Maybe building a grid from an HTML table doesn’t work on IE? I’m on IE7 by the way.



Init from HTML table must work in all version of IE - please check attached sample, it uses the same html code and works correctly.

If issue still occurs - please provide any kind of sample or demo page where problem can be reconstructed ( you can send such info directly to support@dhtmlx.com )

1244193222.zip (37.4 KB)

Thank you!  It does work.  It was something else on our page.  The simple table I had in my first post was on that page too but it wasn’t the one causing the problem.  It was a

 surrounding the 

 and that

was inside another (outer) table’s

.  Apparently, that doesn’t sit well at all with IE.

Thanks again,


Oh, I meant the combination of the

thing and dhtmlXGrid didn’t sit well with IE.  Without dhtmlXGrid, everything’s cool.  Anyway, thanks for the quick response and sorry about the false alarm.