unload event of the cell of dhxLayout


I am facing the problem in getting the unload event of the windows for the cell of dhxLayout.

I have a layout with some cells. In one of the cells, i attach the content using layout.attachURL() API.

Now when i replace the content of that cell using another call of attachURL(), i am not getting the handler for the unload/beforeunload event of the page which was previously loaded.

I went through the code of dhxLayout and found that on attachURL, the IFRAME is simply being removed and then a new frame is being created by tagname ‘IFRAME’ due to which we are not able to get the unload event of the content page and the content is being silently replaced with the new page.

Could you please let me know some approach by which i can get the unload/beforeunload event of the content page on which i need to perform some action.

Also, i could not find any equivalent event for dhxLayout object which could give me such a handler.


Vibhav Agrawal

PS: I am working with DHTMLX Pro v2.5 (DhtmlxSuite 2009 Rel.2 DHTMLX 2.5).


there isn’t any special handler. You can call the necessary function before attachURL is called again.