Unlock a parent task


Please, I would like to allow the mother task not to be blocked, I want to edit the task but it does not allow me, I already checked its readonly attribute and it is false, could someone help me


I think you should read this documentation https://docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/desktop__task_tree_operations.html.


If I understand correctly, you have readonly mode set, but specific tasks must be editable. You can add the editable property to their data object and set it to true, please see Make specific tasks/links editable:

{ id: 1, text: "Task #1",  start_date: "01-04-2018 00:00", duration: 1, parent: "0", editable: true, open: true },

Here is an example in the snippet: https://snippet.dhtmlx.com/78ztpz61. In this example, the ability to edit all tasks is blocked except for “Task #1”.

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Hidding parent tasks

@Maksim_Lakatkou, Thank you very much, I followed the steps and set editable to all tasks, but the main task is still blocked, is there a property in Gannt where only the main task is blocked? I can’t find the solution. I want a single click to allow me to edit the main task as well as the other secondary tasks.
I have the const text editor configured
textEditor = {
type: “text”,
map_to: “text”,
let configCols = [
name: “text”,
label: lang.gantt.task,
tree: true,
width: “*”,
min_width: 150,
editor: textEditor,
resize: true


So you want to edit the task in the grid.

There is no property in the Gantt to block the editing of the parent task.
The parent (mother) task should be editable.

By default, nothing is blocked at all. This can only happen if the read-only mode is set for the entire Gantt or only for parent task. Or if some event handler is added so that the task cannot be edited. It is also possible that some rule has been added to the CSS so that clicks on the parent task in the grid do not work:

.gantt_row_project [data-column-index="0"]{
    pointer-events: none;

here is an example in the snippet: https://snippet.dhtmlx.com/2pghcw0b

With your configuration:

const textEditor = { type: "text", map_to: "text"};
gantt.config.columns = [
    { name: "text",       label: "Task name",  tree: true, editor: textEditor, resize: true, width: "*" },
    { name: "start_date", label: "Start time", align: "center" },
    { name: "duration",   label: "Duration",   align: "center" },
    { name: "add",        label: "" }

for a simple example it works.
Please see the snippet: https://snippet.dhtmlx.com/vdg56ehb.

Perhaps there are some additional configurations in your application. Try to reproduce the issue in a snippet and send it to me. Describe additional details or provide access to a demo.