Unscheduled Events

I am trying to build a scheduler for a list of events. I want to have a list of events that have not been scheduled (no date associated with them yet) at the bottom of the screen and be able to drag them up onto the calendar. Is it possible to included the unscheduled events “outside” of the calendar in this way?

I searched the forum for “unscheduled events” to see if there were already posts like this with no luck. I’m not sure that I’m searching for the right term, so please forgive me if this question has already been answered.


I have thought of one possible solution.

Is it possible to have a layout like the samples/05_calendar/05_plain_structure.html where the empty area underneath the calendar is a

with a “Day” view that is linked to the same calendar in the schedule div? I could then add all of my unscheduled events to a fictitious date like 1969-12-31 and display that in the “Day” view on the left, and then drag them into the current calendar in the schedule on the right… right?

There is no ready solution for unscheduler events, but you can place on page grid or tree in addition to the scheduler, show in grid|tree list of unscheduled events and use external-drag functionality to enable dnd between such component and scheduler

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … egration&s[]=drag&s[]=scheduler


It might be difficult to implement drag to the scheduler.
We provide extension to make it easier if your are dragging from some dhtmlx component (e.g. tree, grid, dataview).
If you want a simple list then maybe you can implement some button (e.g. arrow) next to each event and then clicked it will add event in scheduler and remove item from the list.

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Thanks to both of you…I think the Tree looks like a great way to accomplish what I want (I think). I’ll keep you aprised of my progress.

I’ve been working on this…slowy, but surely. When I drag an item from the tree into the scheduler and click save it goes into the database. But, all I am getting in the database is the event_name. I’d like to pass some other variables, specifically an ID. If I can get the ID to come over I can create a trigger on the table to pull in everything else I’d like associated with that record. Is there sample code of this behavior from a drag-n-drop perspective?

I have looked on the forums and will continue to look, but I just may not be searching for the right terms. Thanks for any help/guidance.


You can customize onExternalDragIn event and set any number of event’s properties bases on tree’s data.

scheduler.attachEvent("onExternalDragIn", function(id, source, e){ var label = tree.getItemText(tree._dragged[0].id); scheduler.getEvent(id).text = label; scheduler.getEvent(id).treeid = tree._dragged[0].id; return true; });

now server side code will receive “treeid” parameter with id of tree item

Can other data elements be linked to fhe tree without being displayed?

Tree item can contain userdata records, which can be obtained and set to event object in similar way.

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … nipulation
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … _templates

The support in this forum is phenomenal. Thanks so much…can’t wait to dig in further (traveling the rest of this week).