Unwanted scroll bars appearing on some tabs


I have a web page with multiple tabs, and the size of the content varies from tab to tab. I want scroll bars to appear on the tabs where the content is too big to fit on the tab, but not appear on those where there is enough room for the content. If you’d like to see the page in operation:

1 - go to austin.appraisalminer.com

2 - select the “Go To Step 1” button

3 - enter “3711 Aspendale Cove, 78727” in the address box and press the “Go To Step 2” button

4 - press the “Show Results” button

The page in question appears. You’ll see the tab titled “Statistical Analysis” is long and needs a scroll, but the “Overview” and “Map” pages don’t. The size of the “Result Set” tab varies depending on the query you enter and the size of the grid. I want scroll bars to appear only on those tabs that need it.

How can I get this to behave the way I want?



Please try to use attached files instead of original ones.
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