unwanted table in tabbar on resizing of layout

Hi I am using tabbar in dhtmlxlayout b cell.

The overall functionality is fine but I am getting a table outside my tabbar content but inside the layout which looks awkward and unexpected.Also there appears no scroll bar for many tabs I am using.

This problem occurs on resizing of the layout.On initial loading the display is fine.I am using layout 2U.

This problem could be solved if scroll bar is added for the tabbar on the right side but how ?

Here is the code I am using.I can even attach a snapshot of the problem but where ?

    tabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar(“a_tabbar”,“top”);



         var style = “<bean:message key=“style”/>”;





tabbar.loadXML("<%=request.getContextPath()%>" + urlString);

        window.setTimeout( “setTabFocusDefault()” , 500);



tabbar.adjustSize(); });

Thanks in advance,


You are using tabbar with auto-size mode, which mean, size of tabbar will be changed based on loaded content
Initialization of tabbar done not through layout ( layout.attachTabbar ), so tabbar itself will not react on changes in layout, to fix issue, you can try to
- comment enableAutoSize
- replace constructor with attachTabbar method of layout

as result tabbar will resize automatically to fill cell of layout, and content of tabbar will have its own scroll if necessary.