Up-Down arrow keys and Paging problem

I am using DHTMLX professional 1.4.

In my grid, I have paging enabled with 15 rows per page.

On the 15th row, if i do a “down” arrow, the grid change to page 2 and settles on the 16th row. That is good. Now, I do a “UP” arrow and the grid change page back to page 1 and settles on the 15th row. That is good too. Now here comes the problem, if I do an “UP” arrow again to get to the 14th row on page 1, the grid goes back to page 2 without any row selected. If I do a ‘tab’ instead of an “UP” in the step above, the same error occurs.

Can you check this out?



The problem fixed in dhtmlxgrid 1.5 ( and  1.6 ), unfortunately the fix can’t be isolated as separated patch.
The most recommended way  - upgrade your version to 1.5/1.6 version, if it is not possible by some reason - please contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com and provide your ref. number and exact version of build which you are using ( or the used dhtmlxgrid.js ) - we will send you updated version of dhtmlxgrid for the same build.