Up-to-date documentation 3rd time request


Yo there,

Dear admin it is my 3rd time here asking for offline documentation.
If possible can you put a download link for the offline (.chm) documentation in this page?


Can you make an auto .chm file ready for download every time you make changes/adds in your docs.dhtmlx.com?

I want the offline one it is faster. Thanks in advance.
Please send me a link the most up to date copy of your docs.dhtmlx.com.


Her eis the requested documentation of the dhtmlxSuite in the chm format:


Is there another way you can add this into your website? Like in every upload/modification of your document site there is also an automatic offline documentation file? That would be nice and easy.

thank you for producing this documentation.


I apologize for the delay with the reply.

Unfortunaetly we have no such plans to publish the offline version of the documentation.