Upcoming Events display problem when moving repeat events

On my windows and local Linux WordPress instances, when I click and drag on a single day in a monthly repeat event to another day, it updates the event calendar/MySQL database properly and the Upcoming Events sidebar widget shows the correct dates. However, in the GoDaddy.com Linux box, dragging an event to another day works as expected but the Upcoming Events widget still shows the prior date. This anomoly has me stumped and any suggestions would be welcome.

Is issue occurs for all events, or only for recurring one ?

It appears to happen on repeat events and only when more than 1 repeat event occurs on the same day. Here is the website URL: wordpressdemo.sloworkforce.com/

:arrow_right: Click on Events Calendar
:arrow_right: Take a look at 10/13 and 10/14. The event on 10/14 was dragged from 10/13 but the sidebar widget “Upcoming Events” still shows 10/13. This meeting was re-scheduled and would usually require a movement from one day to the other.

It’s odd that everything works fine on my Windows 7/IIS 7 laptop and on our intranet Linux box. This GoDaddy.com site is the only site with this anomoly.