update a single event


I’m having some issues to pull the missing data for an event.

Each event is referencing a contact table.

in the events.php I do a join between the tables, events and contacts, and I build a custom “Update” statement to update ONLY events table, since there is no need to update the contacts table.

using the web interface if I update the reference field in events table to point to a different contact the new contact information is not pulled from the DB unless I refresh the entire page.

Is it possible to request from the DB an updated event object based on the event ID, with the correct information from the joined table?

Thank you

You can use scheduler.load(url) to reload data in scheduler, if response will contain xml|json for single object - only that object will be updated in scheduler.

The server side code is a bit problematic. Connector doesn’t provide built in solution for fetching a single record, so you can create a separate php file with render_sql instruction, which uses GET[“id”] in WHERE clause. And use that connector just for data updating.

Thank you, will do that.