(Update, add more snapshots)Set null End Date unscheduled = true, but it removed Start Date as well

I added some snapshots to clarify my issue.
I am setting the null End Date unscheduled = true to remove the error message “Invalid Date”. But the Start Date which is not null also being removed as well!!!
This is what it originally looks like. Start Date is here but, i would like to remove the error message due to empty Due Date

This is what it looks like after i added the unscheduled event. The Start Date is gone as well.

Here is how i added the unscheduled event

i also added unscheduled = true before gant.init()
Is there any way to get back and show the data in Start Date column? Thank you!

I figured it out! Just add ```
gantt.config.show_errors = false;

the error message will gone.

Maybe it is not a good idea to hide all errors. In the future you might get an error and you won’t be able to see it.
There is a way to display start_date and end_date if the task is unscheduled. To do that you take the date and convert it to the string:

return gantt.date.date_to_str(gantt.config.xml_date)(task.start_date);
return gantt.date.date_to_str(gantt.config.xml_date)(task.end_date);

Here is an example:

Hi Ramil,

Your approach also works! Thank you!