update component definition in a window

Is there any way to change or insert one component in a window after it has shown?

I mean, suppose that you have a window with a scrollview, and inside the scrollview you have a label (as the content)…

Is possible from javascript change the label with a toolbar (or whatever)?
or change the config.label of the label with the definition of the toolbar?
or remove the label from the content of the scrollview and add the toolbar?

I can do it this way:

and it works.

but i like to do something like:
dhx.ui( { view:“toolbar”,type:“SubBar”,id:“mytoolbar”,width: 300,height:50,
{ view:“button”, height:150, label:“HOLA”},
{ view:“button”, height:150, label:“ADIOS”},
{view:“label”, label: texto, id: ‘mensaje’,width:900,height:900}
]} , parent,id);

what do “parent” and “id” mean ?
I have tried for “parent” with $$(“myLabel”), $$(“myLabel”).getParent(), $$(“myLabel”).config, but none of them work.
And what about “id”?

Can you explain a little more about your document “Dynamic UI modification” (docs.dhtmlx.com/touch/doku.php?i … ifications),
Replacing content of layout’s cell:
dhx.ui({ view:“mylist”, …}, $$(‘mylayout’), “old_view_id”)



dhx.ui( { toolbar config here }, $$(“myLabel”).getParent(), “myLabel”);

Basically it converts to next order of instruction

  • create new view from config
  • replace in {parent} view {id} with new view

so the second parameter - container which holds target view, third parameter - target view id

but that is only possible if parent implements appendChild or _replace, and scrollbar doesnt.
is that correct?
i tried with a layout as parent and it worked.

thank you.

Currently it works for layout, form, toolbar and window
In case of scrollview it doesn’t work - it is actually a bug, will be fixed in oncoming release.