Update database failed using dataprocessor and dhtmlxConnect


I was trying to update my grid data. But when i check my log file, it shows that

e.g. "delete from table1 where ’ ’ = ‘12324556’; // here, the column name is a empty string, i don’t have a column which is equal to 12324556, should i add one column? what name should i give for this column? And how to change the ’ ’ to the column name that i created which has the same row id as grid?

   edit operation finished
   0 => action:error; sid:12324556; tid:12324556;
   done in ...s"

Should i use POST array in php server script to get each parameter? How should i loop through all the POST variable to get those changed values? The variable will be like $_POST[!nativeeditor_status]?

Thank you very much if you could help me.

If you are using connector - check your render_sql or render_table commands - it seems that you have missed record ID name ( second parameter )

What if you dont have an ID in the database?

You need some field by which records can be identified, otherwise server side will not be able to link client side updates to existing records in a database.

Understandable because if you changed every column on a row, the sql query would have nowhere to base a “where” clause since all fields were changed. Ill have to run some more tests. Thanks!