Update/delete/insert grid rendering from sql query

I have have the sql query like “select id, col1, col2, col3,col4, tableA.colID, tableB.Name” and render sql

render_sql($sql_query, "id","col1, col2, col3,col4, tableB.Name")

to view name instead of its id. But i don’t know how to update the table on the server.
I config my dataprocessor by dp.setDataColumns([false,true,true]) for unchanging tableB where the stored name of id and other some options. But how i must change my php file?
I know that add_field method is exist. But how pass tableA.colID instead of tableB.Name?

You can define separate render_table command for the saving operation, in which you can just skip column from tableB

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … operations


I try to insert new row from clipboard but datas in my row shifts on number of not edited fields. How to resolve this?

You can write custom insert, update queries if default doesn’t suit for your needs

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … ex_updates

Stanislav, can you explain me what is mean Undefined offset: 8 at D:\apache\localhost\www\dhtmlxConnector\php\codebase\grid_connector.php line 268 I have this error when i try to update table.
It is link to

function name_data($data){ if ($data == "gr_id") return $this->config->id["name"]; $parts=explode("c",$data); if ($parts[0]=="" && ((string)intval($parts[1]))==$parts[1]) return $this->config->text[intval($parts[1])]["name"]; return $data; }

There is some field in incoming request which can’t be correctly mapped to the field in the DB.
Grid uses a bit naive way to map fields, it assumes that all fields which are starting from “c” are values from the related columns ( c0, c1, c2 … cN )

If you are using userdata which name starts from “c” it may cause such error