Update form data problem in IE 9

I use HTMLX version 3.5 to build up a project.

I find a update form data problem only in IE 9 but not no problem in other bowrse.

In my case, I display and load the data from connector database to a grid firstly. Then I dubble click a row record display on a form for update. After update, I can update the original grid and save change in database. But secondly dubble click the same row record, it cannot display the updated data in the form.

In this case, only problem in IE 9. But I find the option from IE 9 borwse setting in toolbar and delete the < Temporary Internet Files >. Then I can display the update data in the form.
No this problem in other borwse.

Now I want to ask how find the solution for this problem ? I do not need to delete the < Temporary Internet Files > by each time when I update the detail form.

You are loading data in from like

grid.attachEvent("onRowSelect", function(id){ form.load("data.php?id="+id) });


Just change it as

    form.load("data.php?uid="+(new Date()).valueOf()+"&id="+id);

which will make url unique, and will prevent data caching.