update joomla from free version

Hello All
Having sampled the demo, then getting the commercial license I cannot find any reference on how to update/upgrade the joomla module to the commercial version and access the full functionality. Is there a how to in the documentation that I missed?



There is no Commercial (PRO) version for dhtmlxScheduler. The product is available in the Standard edition only, and you have to buy the license only if you want to use it in non-GPL project. What additional functionality did you expect to get in “commercial” version?

Hello Inga

I read the following:

And from that there is the statement about all advanced features, 250 examples etc etc. in the commercial version not in the free version.

So, If using the application in a personal use or for a paying client- then the use if within GPL, I don’t quite understand the non-GPL application. But if this is the case then I do not need a commercial license (refund?)

However, I read somewhere else that the joomla plugin does not have full functionality and that may in part explain the features missing.

I have not been able to find a concise install guide for the full version in the documentation either.

This relates to the products which have the PRO edition (like Suite, Grid, Tree, etc) dhtmlxScheduler is available in the Standard edition only. Sorry, if that statment was confusing. We’ll try to fix it.

dhtmlxScheduler is dual-licensed with GNU GPL and commercial licenses. It can be used free of charge only in projects that are delivered under GNU General Public License. To use dhtmlxScheduler in some non-open source application, not GPL licensed, you should obtain the appropriate license (Commercial or Enterprise).

Yes, there are some limitations in Joomla plugin in comparison with the original JavaScript version of the component.

You may find the docs for Joomla plugin here:
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … gin:joomla

If you have any questions, you can submit them as comments on that page or log in to the support system as a paying customer and submit a ticket there.