Update of the series recreates deleted event

Поведение понятно, но, возможно, некорректно: по крайней мере, Outlook и Google Calendar ведут себя более гуманно.

  1. Создаем повторяющееся событие (допустим пн-пт)
  2. Удаляем событие в среду: в этой серии остаются 4 события
  3. Заходим в редактирование серии и меняем, скажем, заголовок

Ожидаемое поведение: поменяется заголовок у 4х событий. В реальности Шедулер не только меняет заголовок у 4х событий, но и восстанавливает событие среды, но уже с новым заголовком.

The behavior described below is explanable, but to my mond is incorrect: at least Outlook and Google are more friendly in this situation:

  1. Create repeating event, say every working day for the 1 week
  2. Delete the event on Wednesday: so only 4 events left in the series. So the series was changed!
  3. Change the title of the event in the series

After these actions I find the Wednesday event recreated. I expected changing the titile only for the 4 events - mon, tue, thu, fri.

I understood the problem, but we not plan to change the behavior in foreseen future. Implementing better behavior will require changes in server side code ( will make it more complex ), which will create problems for custom backend implementations.

Ok. I see. At least thank you for understaning :slight_smile:

Is that ok posting all these bugs/issues here?

Is that ok posting all these bugs/issues here?
Yep, this is the purpose of this forum.

If you have commercial license - you can use support system, which will guarantee faster response.