Update on Server Side Integration.

Hi all,
I’m using the scheduler in a day with with events assigned to multiple of them.
When I reschedule and event (with drag and drop) I dont’ receive the units lists as parameters of the callback:

Here the demo for JS and HTML: docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/snippet/6a24cd1f

On the server this is the method. The changedEvent.unit = null;

public ContentResult Save(int? id, FormCollection actionValues)
var action = new DataAction(actionValues);

            var changedEvent = (AreaBackend.Models.PlanningAppuntamentoItem)DHXEventsHelper.Bind(typeof(AreaBackend.Models.PlanningAppuntamentoItem), actionValues);
            DateTime inizio;
            if (!DateTime.TryParse(changedEvent.start_date, out inizio)) throw new Exception("Data Inizio non valida.");

            DateTime fine;
            if (!DateTime.TryParse(changedEvent.end_date, out fine)) throw new Exception("Data Fine non valida.");

            switch (action.Type)
                case DataActionTypes.Insert:
                    //do insert
                    // action.TargetId = changedEvent.id;//assign postoperational id
                case DataActionTypes.Delete:
                    //do delete
                default:// "update"                          
                    //do update
                    var appuntamento = AppSession.Abo.Appuntamenti.GetById(changedEvent.id_appuntamento);
                    appuntamento.Inizio = inizio;
                    appuntamento.Fine = fine;
                    //var ris = appuntamento.AppuntamentiRisorse.FirstOrDefault
                    AppSession.Abo.Appuntamenti.Save(appuntamento, null, true);
        catch (Exception e)
            action.Type = DataActionTypes.Error;
            throw e;
        //return (ContentResult)new AjaxSaveResponse(action);
        return Content("Ok");

Could you please check what I’m doing wrong ?


After a lot of work I realized the server receive the unit list in the FormCollection :


but DHXEventsHelper.Bind() is not able to bind it to my class:

public class PlanningAppuntamentoItem
public string id { get; set; }
public string text { get; set; }
public string start_date { get; set; }
public string end_date { get; set; }
//public string id_risorsa { get; set; }
public List unit { get; set; }
public string id_appuntamento { get; set; }

Please note that I have tried to declare unit as List too but nothing changes.