Update problem


I have an issue with the update of scheduler.

When the scheduler update an event I losing a field, I dont know why losing this field.

Log started, 16/07/2015 07:17:40

DataProcessor object initialized
1_id => 1
1_start_date => 2015-07-15 11:35
1_end_date => 2015-07-15 18:05
1_titulo => adasdasdasdsa
1_section_id => 1
1_!nativeeditor_status => updated
ids => 1

Row data [1]
id_crono => 1
start_date => 2015-07-15 11:35
end_date => 2015-07-15 18:05
section_id => 1
!nativeeditor_status => updated

UPDATE cronograma SET start_date='2015-07-15 11:35',end_date='2015-07-15 18:05',titulo='',details='',section_id='1' WHERE id_crono='1'



Why the field TITULO is empty when the scheduler update?

probably it is related to the default behavior of scheduler connector - the first three columns in configuration are sent to the client with names ‘start_date’,‘end_date’ and ‘text’ and should contain an appropriate data.
So when you load the data, ‘titulo’ column is mapped to the ‘text’ property of a client side event, and the connector will map a ‘text’ field from the dataprocessor to ‘titulo’ in database.
The possible solution would be to manually map ‘titulo’ to ‘text’ before sending data to the server:

dp.attachEvent("onBeforeDataSending", function(id, state, data){ for(var i in data) data[i].text = data[i].titulo; return true; });
Or, you use ‘text’ property on the client, it will be mapped to ‘titulo’ on server

Hello Aliaksandr

I added the field text after end_date and it work perfectly.

Text is empty but I dont have problem save without data.