Update Scheduler between two date range.

Hi All,

I am able to update scheduler using scheduler.updateView(new Date(date)) method.

But, I want to update scheduler in between date range(from and to date).

Please suggest me how can I do this?

Thanks in advance…
Sharad Verma


What do you mean by this? Date parameter defines a date to be opened in the view.
If the view displays date range, for example week view, displayed range is calculated as from=scheduler.date.week_start(date);//for a week view to= scheduler.date.add(from, 1, 'week');
You can’t pass a date range explicitly
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … eview.html

I mean to say that, I want to filter scheduler in between of date range.
Like an example, I want to filter scheduler data from 1 feb 2014 to 17 feb 2014.

You can’t force scheduler to show some custom period of time
In day view scheduler will show one day, in week view - one week. The parameter of updateView will set the start of period, the length of period is fixed

Then, What should I do for this.

Because, I need to update scheduler view on specific date range.

Can I need to create json again and reload dhtmlx scheduler?

if, yes. Then which methodology I will follow for this.

Please suggest me…


You can define custom view that will target specific date range.
The displayed interval is defined by js functions, so you can have dynamic time range.
However, I don’t have a working example, there might be pitfalls with this approach.
Here is related article: