update single row in paging-grid

Hi support,

my situation:

I have two grids.
Both grids’ data is provided via dhtmlxConnector.
The first grid has paging enabled and every cell is read-only.
The second grid has paging enabled and updatable cells (checkboxes).

When selecting a row in the first grid, the second grid loads with the first grid’s rowId-parameter.
That works fine so far.

I attached the “onAfterUpdateFinish”-event to the second grid and perform
firstGrid.updateFromXML(firstGridPathToConnector) when the event fires, what works basically.

The problem is, that “updateFromXML” reloads the data in first grid completely.

What I need is a solution to only reload the selected row in the first grid to visualize the changes in the second grid.

Unfortuntely i can’t provide a link. It’s a non-public project with sensitive data. :frowning:

You can use updateFromXML with custom link, which will return data for that row only - in such case only it will be updated

grid.updateFromXML(“onerow.php?id=”+id, false, false)

Thanks a lot!