Update Text of Event

I am using a custom form lightbox and the save button is calling my javascript function save_form()

Then I am using AJAX to save all the custom fields to my database in VB.net, it’s working great. My AJAX is returning the database ID of the new event.

Problem is, my event on the calendar still says “New Event” after saving, and I want to control what this says. As well as assign the event the new database ID returned from AJAX.

What is the javascript I need to call for this to happen?


Almost got this working perfectly.

from callback of your ajax code

scheduler.changeEventId(oldid, newid); scheduler.getEvent(newid).text = new_text; scheduler.updateEvent(newid);

where newid, and newtext are values whicha are returned by your ajax call

I just wanted to say Thank you. This worked.

Now I have a fully functioning, beautiful calendar, back end is VB.Net, front end is a custom lightbox form in dhtmlxScheduler!

Exactly what I needed and wanted.

should this be added in an onAfterEventAdded or similar?

In above case, most probably onAfterUpdate event of dataprocessor was used
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … fterupdate