Updated version of PHP Connector

We are preparing the update of dhtmlxConnector. Meanwhile there is an updated version of dhtmlxConnector for PHP. It includes some bug fixes, the most major of which is correct support of the latest PHP 5.4

You can download the updated package here:
support.dhtmlx.com/x-files/conne … 050413.zip

Also, the latest version of the package is alway available on github


small bug in dataprocessor.php

		$mode = $this->status_to_mode($action->get_status());
		if (!$this->connector->access->check($mode)){
			LogMaster::log("Access control: {$operation} operation blocked");

I get an error:
Undefined variable: operation at dataprocessor.php line 168

correct is:
LogMaster::log(“Access control: {$mode} operation blocked”);

Thanks for the problem report.
We have added the above fix to the main codebase and into the github repo.

I have bought suite package and today tried to utilyze mix method of grid connector. It does not work: undefined method



(available from version 2.0)

Is it about version of Connector? If so, where to download?

Please grab the version of connector from github ( you can use link in the top post )
The default package includes a bit older version of connector, which doesn’t support mix method yet.

Sir if i use this version also if i connect it also it will give fatal error

!!!when i link the html file and the php file i will get this kind of errors i have used all the connections but also when i compile the connector.php file i will get these below errors!!!

i have used the correct files only

I am sending u the files also html and php

Strict Standards: Declaration of GridConnector::set_config() should be compatible with Connector::set_config($name, $str, $array_mode = false) in D:\xampp\htdocs\dhtmlxSuite\dhtmlxConnector_php\codebase\grid_connector.php on line 121

Fatal error: Class ‘DataProcessor’ not found in D:\xampp\htdocs\dhtmlxSuite\dhtmlxConnector_php\codebase\grid_connector.php on line 244

Be sure that you are using ONLY files from latest package.
The issue with “Strict Standards” is defenitely fixed in latest version.
The second reported issue can occurs only if you are not have all connector’s files.

Which version of php you are using ?

I dont know the version but now when i downloaded the above php files it is working

Thanks for your co operation