.updateFromXML() is working in IE, but not in FF


consider the following code fragment:

someGrid.updateFromXML("/XMII/Runner?Transaction=somePath/someTransaction&Content-Type=text/xml&someParameterAssignments...&OutputParameter=OutputXML", true, false);

I’m updating the content of a grid with the line above. This is working in IE, but I’m receiving

TypeError: a.doXPath(...)[0] is undefined

error message in FF. Now, if I will run the transaction in SAP MII, and will use the output as an offline .xml file, it will work in both browsers:

someGrid.updateFromXML("offline.xml", true, false);

The content of the .xml file is wrapped with “”
How to resolve this issue?


the problem was that the URL contained hashmarks (#) and could have been resolved with “encodeURIComponent()”