updateFromXML not reloading from data source

I have a project that has 2 grids. After adding a row to the first grid the grid needs to be reloaded as it gets a reference from the server that is generated on the BeforeInsert method of the connector. This reference is then used as one of the keys for loading data into the second grid.

I have been trying to use the updateFromXML method but it does not re-read the database.
I have logging enabled in my connector so I can see that the connector is not being called to read the database.

I use exactly the same syntax/connector for both the initial load (.loadXML method) and the updateFromXML so it is not due to an xml problem.

I tried .clearAll() followed by .loadXML() but this doesn’t work as it appears that the database Insert is occuring after the read and it throws an error in dhtmlx.js… very odd!

I’ll start a new topic detailing this problem.

Beware that saving process is async, so normally you need to call any commands only after data is fully, which can be done as

dp.attachEvent("onAfterUpdate", function(){ ... any command here, which you want to call after saving... }); ... grid.addRow(...);