updateFromXML with JSON

Hello, I’m using dhtmlXSuite PRO v35 and I’m just having this little issue, we are working most of the grids loading in JSON format.

Normally what we do when we update a row to the grid, we display a window with HTML form with the information of the selected row and then click the submit button to apply changes.

The problem is that by doing it this way, we need to clear and load the whole grid in order to display the recent changes, and I was wondering if there’s any way to just load the row that was modified, I have the dataprocessor initialized in the grids just in case they’re needed.
I’m familiar with the updateFromXML by loading and XML from an URL, but we have migrated all information to JSON (since it’s a little faster) and I’m trying to find a way to just load the modified row from JSON, instead of loading the whole dataset (aprox 5k rows) each time a single row is updated or changed.

You may simulate the updateFromXml() method the following way:

mygrid._refresh_mode=[true,insert_new,del_missed]; mygrid.parse(data)

insert_new - boolean, insert new items.
del_missed - boolean, delete missed rows.