Updateing from 2.4.1 to 3.0


I am trying to update to the current version of Vault.
I notice that there is now a folder called “backend” that is not in my current version (2.4.1).
When updating, do I just need to replace the “codebase” folder with the new one, or is there more I need to do?
If there is a place I can find the instructions for the update, that would be great.
Thanks in advanced



Starting from the 3.0 version dhtmlxVault is completely rebuilt.
Unfortunately its API is not compatible with the older versions of the dhtmlxVault.


Thanks. I totally missed that.
Now, I’m working on implementing 3.0 and replacing the javascript calls. The problem I’m having how is I get and error that says attachVault is not a function.
I looked in the older version and it is in there and not in 3.0. Its not listed on the migration as being replaced or removed. Is there a fix for this?
Thanks again,



Unfortunately currently the usage of the attachVault() is not available. We’re planning to release the new version of the dhtmlxSuite, where the simple integration with other dhtmlx widgets will be available.


In some cases you can do something like this.

var container = layout.cells(‘b’).cell;
container.id = ‘vaultcell’;

var vault = new dhx.Vault( ‘vaultcell’, … )