Updating a single event from SignalR


I’m trying to do something similar to this: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=29811&p=95243&hilit=applyChanges#p95243

Updating a single event from a message sent by SignalR, using the dataProcessor’s applyChanges method:


However, the applyChanges doesn’t seem to exist in the newer version of dataProcessor / dhtmlxScheduler?

So I guess I will have to use the AddEvent instead to add an event manually?

what version of a scheduler do you use?
dataProcessor.applyChanges is defined in LiveUpdates extension which is available in dhtmlxScheduler for ASP.NET.
If you don’t have it then yes, you’ll probably need to manually parse the signalR message and update the related events


Ok, plan is to not use the ASP.NET parts, but just use the client side libraries of dhtmlxScheduler.

We are using version v.4.3.1 of the scheduler.

Do you think it would be possible to get just the client side libraries for the LiveUpdates extension, without using the ASP.NET backend?

The goal is to be able to handle new messages with new or updated activites on the client side with the applyChanges metod, but roll our own handling of the server parts.