Updating only one cell in a row ?

Hi ,

Suppose the grid formed table has a row with 2 columns with type int and 1 with boolean,
and the values initially are only filled for 1 column, then when we fill just the 1 cell i.e, the say the second column(int type), the update statement generated would be ,

 update table1 set intcolumn1='25', intcolumn2='26', boolColumn=' ' where id=2

now the problem is the values does not save as this throws an SQL syntax error near boolColumn.
how do i handle empty cells in Grid ?
Or is there a way where only cell that is edited is sent or updated ? rather than all values being overwritten again …

Grid always sends the whole row to the server side, and connector will try to update all fields.

It possible to alter server side code so only necessary fields will be updated ( beforeProcessing event, remove_field command ) but in such case it will remove some field from all operations, without relation which field was updated on client side.