Updating the split zone items

I have a grid with a number of columns, I use the splitAt(2) to keep the first two columns visible when the user scrolls right.

All working fine.

However, when i try to detect updates

using either:

    myDataProcessor = new dataProcessor(“update.jsp”);


    myDataProcessor.setUpdateMode(“cell”);//available values: cell (default), row, off



neither seems to be fired.

If I edit the value in col3 everything is fine.

If i then change the split to be splitAt(3), the updates to column 3 are not detected.

Any Ideas ?

Such problem was confirmed and fixed with initial version of dhtmlxGrid 1.3 , fix will be available as part of oncoming build.
If you need fix ASAP - please contact us at dhtmlx@scand.com  and provide your customer number - we will send you an updated code.