Updating Without Refresh

I am looking to get a commercial license for the entire suite but I have 1 question that I couldn’t find an answer to or a demo of.

I will use this for a collaboration tool with 15 or so users connected at a time in a low bandwidth environment. I need it to update itself with the changes made from others at certain time intervals.

So every 30 seconds it goes out to the server and checks the DB based on time to see any new updates then retrieves ONLY the new updates and updates the spreadsheet.

Does this connector or anything here have that capability and can you send me a link to where i can read or see a demo of it work.

I am mostly interested in seeing a demo so I can see how many bytes it is passing back and forth to determine if I would be able to use it.


There are two scenarious

a) you can use data reloading. All components support loading data from server side without page reloading.

b) you can use live updating. It was introduced in dhtmlx 3.5 and allows server side updates to connected clients. So each client will load only updated data, and it will load it immediately after update ( there is no need for manual data polling )

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=tuto … e_tutorial

Thanks for the response. Do you know of a working example using live updating?

I would want to just see it working so I can see how much bandwidth it uses before I buy or not. Low bandwidth is the key for me.

Live update requires separate socket server ( nodejs for example ) - so it is not possible to provide full sample package as for other php samples.