Updrading to v4.0 toolbar.loadXML not recognized


I tried to update my project to v4.0.
I download the suite, I substitute the old dhtmlx.js with the new one.

Now I got:

tbCustomersList.loadXML is not a function

where tbCustomerList si

var tbCustomersList = cellCustomers.attachToolbar(); tbCustomersList.clearAll(); tbCustomersList.setIconsPath('images/'); tbCustomersList.loadXML('xml/tbCustomerList.xml', function(){}); tbCustomersList.attachEvent("onClick",tbCustomerListItemPressed);

Can you help me finding the glitch please?
Thanks in advance,

Changing all the code according the new documentation.
For the moment that problem has been fixed.


I ran into a similar problem. All of the functions that are marked as deprecated in the documentation were pulled out into a separate file. If you do need to use any of the deprecated functions for any reason, make sure you’re importing both dhtmlx.js and dhtmlx_deprecated.js: