Updtation of amount field while changing the price

Dear Sir,

I have field like quantity, price and amount. when i am doing changes in price field i need to update the amount as well as total quantity.

Si tried like below.

My code:

mygrid.setColumnIds(“SR.No,Moved From Project Name,Moved From Lab Name,Moved Chemical Name,CAS NO,Moved Date,Moved Quantity,Moved Project Name,Moved lab Name,BAANOrder,Po,Price,Amount”);


// c6=Moved Quantity

// c11= Price


when i am trying this i am getting error like below

Error type : configuration

Description : incorrect cell type :math

So what i have to do? do i want to import any dhtml java script?

i have used below java script


please give a suggession.



incorrect cell type :math
You have to include dhtmlxGrid\codebase\ext\dhtmlxgrid_math.js file to your page