upgrade from 4.2.1 to 5.0.1 breaks ability to expand tasks

The toggle to expand initially-closed tasks no longer works with 5.0.1. If observed closely, clicking does not do anything other than grow/shrink the height by 1px. I tried to debug the code but could not find where the height is being calculated.

Resizing the window does kick it into the correct height though.

What can I check in order to make the expand icons work as expected?

Thank you for your assistance!


It shouldn’t be broken.
Could you please check this issue in version 5.0.5? You should have received the e-mail letter with update.

I upgraded to 5.0.5 and the issue with the pixel height is resolved. However there are three remaining problems:

If there is a horizontal scrollbar (by setting gantt.config.start_date and gantt.config.end_date) the horizontal scroll bar overlaps the .gantt_grid_data div:


Another problem. If you drag said scrollbar there is an open gap between the last column in the .gantt_grid_scale div and the timeline column:


Lastly the marker plugin no longer works. I can’t get it to display any more.


If I try to change my email address in this forum, I get a server error.


These issues isn’t reproduced in our samples:
image.prntscr.com/image/k_H_yyf … WrDc4g.png
image.prntscr.com/image/YpZtVve … _iPYfQ.png

Possibly they are related to custom styles in your application. Please check it.
To have the opportunity help you with this, we need to replicate issues. Create a demo or provide with access to your application.

I sent you a PM showing example code that shows the problem.

Please public your answer on forum in future. It can help other users if they have similar issues.

As for your question, there are only one bug with scroll.
It will be fixed in the nearest update. If you have a license, create a ticket in support system to get update or send it’s number to PM here.

gap between the last column and timeline column
It also will be fixed. To avoid it now, you can remove ‘resize: true’ from the last grid column in config.

marker plugin works correctly. Marker dissappears when you call gantt.clearAll(). After that you should add it again. There was the same behaviour in previous versions.

Thank you! No license yet. We are still evaluating the trial. I wanted to make sure it was going to work before purchasing. Thanks