Upgrade from v2.0 to v3.0

I am using Dhtmlx 2.0 Enterprise Edition. Now I would like to upgrade to v3.0.
I just wanted to be sure that whether there would be any problems on upgrading , i.e. whether this release is backward compatible

Also is there a way some evaluation copy of Enterprise edition can be made available for testing purpose, though this may not be necessary in case of your approval of the above questions.


We have released a couple of major updates since version 2.0, so there might be some backward compatibility issues. It’s better to get the evaluation version of DHTMLX 3.0 and see how it will work in your case. During the evaluation period you’ll receive the access to the online support system where you will be able to get help from our technical support team.

Please write to sales [at] dhtmlx.com and ask for the evaluation version of dhtmlxSuite PRO 3.0.