upgrade pre 2.0 code to 2.5


we’re currently trying to update all our webpages with pre 2.0 dhtmlx components and have them updated to the latest 2.5 ones.
This is proving to be EXTREMELY difficult, would you have any guide to help us with the update?
The most annoying issue is your huge refactoring of the toolbar/menu components!!!

Any help is welcome here…

Thank you,



both menu and toolbar provides a lot of samples and details documentation. They can help:


that doc does not give any info to upgrade from 1.6 to 2.5 ???

Menu and Toolbar 2.x are completely different from 1.x ( API, features and xml structure - all different). So, there can not be any migration document in this case.
I’m afraid that you have to rebuild the existent code to use menu and toolbar 2.5.

well is there any way then to keep using the current 1.6 menu/toolbar but still update the other components to 2.5?

toolbar and menu 1.x can be used, but:

  1. you should use the latest dhtmlxcommon.js on the page if the other components are included
  2. they can not be attached to layout, windows, accordion or tabbar by attachToolbar or attachMenu methods.