upload and ie9

Hi everybody,

in ie9, the rotating upload in progress icon will keep rotating after upload. The file is actually being uploaded, but the user will not know. in ff everything is fine.

I am using the following form, which is added to a window with nothing else inside:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     <item type="upload" offsetTop="10" inputWidth="300" name="myFiles" titleText="Drag-n-Drop files here or click to select files for upload" url="dhtmlxform_item_upload.ashx" />
     <item type="button" offsetTop="10"  name="submitbtn" value="Upload" command="submit"/>

ASP.NET server side I use your dhtmlxform_item_upload.ashx script.

I can see that for ff html5 mode is used, for ie9 html4 mode is used. The responses are valid JSON as well.

What can I do to have ie9 receive and process the state: true response??



Ok, I got it working now. Never thought that IE9 requires the flash way to do it. But when I went to your samples site and watched the traffic I saw that the swf got loaded. So I added the swf, dhtmlxform_item_upload.js etc to my project and finally got it working.

As a user of the suite I wasn’t used to adding additional .js files.


correct, for IE9 better use flash mode.
by the way - easy way to determine what engine inited is to check title screen. html5 have info about d’n’d, flash say ‘flash version … inited’, only humble html4 just say ‘inited’.