Upload Control: What Happens When User Clicks The 'X'


On my form, I have my upload control set to autoStart. If a user clicks the ‘X’ to clear the list, there has to be some logic to delete the uploaded file. How do I capture the event of the user clicking the ‘X’? Is there example code for this because I haven’t found anything.


It seems that you need onBeforeFileRemove, you can find it here:
docs.dhtmlx.com/api__link__dhtml … event.html

Thanks. Attaching an event for onBeforeFileRemove() allows me to delete the file from the server when the user clicks the ‘X’ on the upload item. Unfortunately, after that, the upload item still shows the file name, file size and upload percentage as 100%. Is there a trick to clearing that visible information from the upload item?

I"m learning…slowly. I need to return a true in my javascript code then the visible file information stuff disapears from the upload control.