Upload file failed


I have two formdata in one file, one of them i put uploader. If i delete 1 formdata, the uploader run correctly, but if i use two formdata the uploader got problem. Please see image attach.

Please help me … :confused:

Could you provide you completed demo to reproduce the issue?
Can’t reproduce locally: see my attachments.
uploader.rar (190 KB)

Hi Darya,

Thank you for your code, now all working fine. I still have another problem, i attach grid but the grid can’t display correctly. Please check the attachment and help me to fix it. I think something wrong with

Thank you for your answer

Hello, dwi.
Unfortunately your demo works well for us (it was deleted from the attach as it contains the files of PRO version).
Grid looks correctly in the demo. The only error was in missed “doOnRowSelected” function.
If issue still occurs - please, clarify the details of your issue.