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Hi guys, I develepod a version to htmlx vault uploader in ASP3 (vbscript) and ASP4 (perl), the script uses ASP Smart Upload (open source) and ASP Upload.
You can see that: dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … ndex.shtml

My script is GPL licensed. If anybody wants, I can zip the files and post the link


The ASP4 version works in IIS and Apache both

Great, thank you. We have the same sample for ASP, but we do not support it officially. You can post the link here for review.

Hi … here goes the link with my ASP3 and ASP4 demos, both with ASP SMART UP COM and ASPUPLOAD COM from persitis

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/doc … ples.shtml - click at link download on left side of “UPLOAD Demo #1 - ASP codificado com Perl” link …


  • Note: ASP4 (classic asp codified with perlscript) works in IIS and APACHE servers and works and runs with any ASP applications codified using vbscript

ASP Smart Upload is an great open source COM upload. Althoug it have size limit upload, that’s configured in IIS. Default limit is about 200kb

Thank you!

I’m developing others ASP demos using DHTMLX Grids, layout, etc … and translating it documentation to Brazilian Portuguese …

The vault zip

http:// www. dhtmlx.com.br/dhtmlxvault_by_web2solutions.zip

You can also see our ERP that we are developin, it started using EXTJS, cause we dont knew dhtmlx … But, after knows DHTMLX, we are reimplementig the ERP using DHTMLX also.

The application dont is finished, and it not is in sales …

http:// www. guarapari.etc.br/extranet/

user: eduardo
pass: jepa21

excuse my bad english

Hi, a updated my vault, it receive vault params correctly, and so, Now, you can send the save_path by Vault client to UploadHanlder.asp

thanks for visits

I realise that this post is quite old, but do you still have the zip file for ASP3/VBSCRIPT available
anymore ?



see attached
dhtmlxvault_by_web2solutions_with_save_path.zip (641 KB)

Code was provided in accordance with the licence of the improved dhtmlx vault 1.6 std, although I dont provide free support. I hope it can be usefull.

dear web2solutions

thank you for your quick response



Hi to all

you may already know but there is a newer vault version 2.0 is available
post in our blog and page on our site