Uploader events


I have a form with two uploaders and I want to attach the “onUploadFile” event. However, I would like to know which instance of the uploader generated the event.

In the documentation I couldn’t find a way to know this. Is this possible?


inside event “this” points to form, i.e. you can do something like this:

form1 = new form(…);
form1.attachEvent(…, myFunc);

form2 = new form(…);
form2.attachEvent(…, myFunc);

myFunc = function() {

if (this == form1) {

} else {



if your forms have items with common names, for example for status, use something like:
this.setItemText(“status”, “FIles were successfuly uploaded”);

Well… That doesn’t work.

The problem is that I have one form containing two uploaders. Your reply works if I had two forms with one uploader in each form.


then you can do something like this:

add extension which will “improve” event system for uploader (add once, make sure form.js loaded)

dhtmlXForm.prototype.extendUploaderEvents = function(name) { var t = this.getUploader(name); if (t == null) return; t._uploaderId = name; t.callEvent2 = t.callEvent; t.callEvent = function(name, params) { params = [this._uploaderId].concat(params); return this.callEvent2.apply(this, [name, params]); } t = null; }

it will replace original callEvent to custom, where params will moved to the right for 1 position and new first params will itemId, it will applied only for uploader, other form’s events will the same

[code]// before
myForm.attachEvent(“eventName”, function(paramA, paramB, …){

// after
myForm.attachEvent(“eventName”, function(itemId, paramA, paramB, …){


then in your code after form init

[code]// init form
var formData = [
{type: “upload”, name: “upload_a”, … },
{type: “upload”, name: “upload_b”, … }
var myForm = new dhtmlXForm(“parentObj”, formData);

// custom callEvent

// test event, 1 event for form (both uploaders will call it)
myForm.attachEvent(“onUploadFile”, function(uploaderId, realName, serverName){

console.log will give you [“uploader_a”, “filename.txt”, “filename.txt”] or [“uploader_b”, …]

hope this will help

Yes! This works.

Thank you very much!

Andrei, you are awesome!

Thank you :smiley: