uploading and saving files

I am using the dhtmlxForm uploader type to save a file on the server using java.
The jsp file in the samples is working, but it does not save the file to the server.
Can you help me save the file since i need to then read that data to perform some operations.

Please, provide us a direct link or completed demo on support@dhtmlx.com to inspect the issue
docs.dhtmlx.com/auxiliary_docs__ … pport.html

Its an internal application and so i can’t give you a link, but i will create a demo.
One question though, the jsp file that is present in your samples folder, is it supposed to save the uploaded file?
and if yes…where does it save it?

It is ready to use, you just need to remove comments from the file save part.

I did uncomment that part, but it did not save the file…strange.
Where does it save the file by default though?

About the problem, never mind I did it without saving the file to the server. :slight_smile:

You can reqad some info from these links:
docs.dhtmlx.com/form__server_sid … xconnector

"if you’ve purchased the license and have active support subscription, then you can open ticket in the support system